Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Water Conservation

Water Conservation might be one of the most important issues we face today. In order to meet regulations set forth by the state regarding reduction in pumping, percentage of ground water usage, etc… all parties involved need to work together to become more efficient as fast as possible. MUD’s, HOA’s, Property Management Groups all have the ability to take charge, implement policy, meet with decision makers and start making a difference in how we manage this crisis.

Property Irrigation is responsible for much of the wasted water in our communities. This is due to the lack of education or mandate. Many of the common areas i.e. Parks, Esplanades, Community Centers where we live have very very low water holding capacity and follow poor watering practices. Attached is a flyer indicating that with proper application, irrigation needs can be cut by 50%. If we take water management seriously we can achieve the goals set forth by the state and become more efficient and profitable sooner than later.

I have many cited works proving water holding capacities of soil improving as much as 10X, reduced water needs by 16 million gallons on another site and increased drought tolerant plants and turf areas. With less water becoming available we need to capitalize on what we can use.

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